Onès-Cloutier Trail


The grassed and marked trail located at the northern entrance of the hamlet of Way's Mills is 1.1 km long. It crosses a meadow and a small forest and for a part of the path, runs along the Niger River.

General information

The trail is available free of charge from Way's Mills or Holmes Road all year round.

Open to hikers, cyclists and snowshoers exclusively.

Some parking spaces are available.

Dogs are only allowed if on a leash.

A bit of history

Older people may remember that until 1969, the road to Way's Mills ran along the Niger River between the hamlet's exit and the bridge on Holmes Road. But sharing the edge of the River had its constraints, especially during the spring thaw. The Quebec Department of transport owner of all highways at the time began to modify the route of Way's Mills.

In 1972, the Department provided the Municipality of Barnston-Ouest with a 1.1 kilometre stretch between the hamlet exit and Holmes Road. The road remained open to automobile traffic during the summer period and to snowmobiles during the winter between 1972 and 1979. The old way was permanently closed to vehicles and became a trail for hiking and biking in 1979.

The inauguration of the landscaped trail took place on September 17, 1995. To commemorate the work of the former Mayor of Barnston-Ouest in carrying out this project, the town named the trail in his honour.

Who is Onès Cloutier?

Born in Stanstead-Est on January 14, 1919, he married Cécile Martin in 1940. The period of the second world war offered several employment opportunities. After their marriage, the couple moved to Sorel where Mr. Cloutier found work at the shipyard. The Cloutier family returned to Way's Mills in 1944 and settled on Standish Road.

Mr. Onès Cloutier contributed to local political life and became Mayor of the Municipality of Barnston-Ouest from 1965 to 1975.

Mr. Cloutier died on July 25, 1984.