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Municipal Council meetings, held in clossed session, in times of pandemic

Order 2020-004 of March 15, 2020, issued by the Minister of Health and Social Services, allowed municipalities to hold council meetings in camera and authorized elected officials to participate by any means of communication.

Given the prohibition of indoor and outdoor gatherings, council meetings may be held without the presence of the public.

Order 2020-029 of April 26, 2020, also sets out certain requirements to ensure the transparency of meetings that, by law, must be public. Such a meeting must henceforth be made public, as soon as possible, by any means that allows the public to learn the substance of the discussions among council members and the outcome of their deliberations.

During the duration of the Covid-19 pandemic and the maintenance of the government's requirement for By-law 2020-029, the Municipality will release the audio recording of the Municipal Council meetings.

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