The Municipality of Barnston-Ouest is renowned for its vibrant agriculture and dynamic forestry, its landscape and religious heritage, its culture, which is an expression of rootedness in the soil, and its two hamlets, witnesses of the fierceness of the first settlers. At a turn in the road, you will discover the studios of artists and workshops of artisans recognized both locally and internationally. Farmers will speak to you with pride about their sustainable agricultural practices, while others will invite you to visit the unique site of the Forêt-témoin. Many visitors will remember the three churches, the thirteen cemeteries, and the cross that marks the Kingscroft crossroads, which are all indicators that the citizens of Barnston-Ouest were, and still are, exceptionally dynamic.

LThe two hamlets, KINGSCROFT and WAY’S MILLS, enrich the landscape of the Municipality.

We are a hidden treasure to discover!

Presentation of Barnston-Ouest

Municipalité de Barnston-Ouest

The Municipality includes a population of 572 inhabitants known as the "Barnstonnians," in French: « Barnstonniennes » et « Barnstonniens ».



Located in the western part of the Coaticook MRC in the Eastern Townships, the Municipality of Barnston-Ouest covers a hilly territory of 97.9 km2. Woodland covers a considerable part of this territory, particularly in the south, whereas located in the north are the main agricultural activities. Two hamlets, Way’s Mills and Kingscroft, established at the beginning of the nineteenth century, serve as village Cores.

The territory of the Municipality of Barnston-Ouest is bordered on the south by the state of Vermont, on the west by the Municipality of Stanstead-Est, on the north by the Municipality of Hatley, and the east by the City of Coaticook. Route 141, which runs north-south, connects the Municipality with neighbouring towns and villages, and the Quebec highway system, namely Highway 55 and Route 143. Many roads link the Municipality to its immediate neighbours. More than thirteen bridges are needed to ensure the continuity of the road network and cross the Niger River and its many tributaries.

To visit Barnston-Ouest is to discover exceptional surroundings where nature and heritage are long-standing and where culture meets agriculture. Our remarkable landscape and the serenity of our people will amaze you.

The logo

Clean and modern in style, the logo of the Municipality of Barnston-Ouest highlights the richness of its heritage, the vitality of its agriculture, the beauty of its natural resources, and the warmth and openness of its citizens.

Logo de la municipalité de Barnston-Ouest

The round barn, listed as a historical monument in 2001, symbolizes the rich architectural heritage of the Municipality. The house, nestled in its centre, illustrates a door to an exceptional living environment, but especially to the warmth, openness, and spirit of mutual assistance of its residents.

The green curve illustrates the agricultural activities and the agri-food sector, both its producers and artisans as well as the products they grow.

The blue curve represents the Niger River and its watershed, which crisscross the territory.

The white curve (created by the counter-form) recalls the roads and the many bridges that span the Niger River and the streams that feed it.

A closer look shows the three curves that form the furrows of a field in cultivation, a reminder of the importance of agriculture in our region.

Finally, the tree refers to nature and open spaces, the living force of the Municipality.