The fourteen cemeteries in the Municipality of Barnston-Ouest are witnesses to the history of our families and of the various religious congregations that developed with the arrival of the settlers. To visit the cemeteries is a tribute to the families who came to settle in the early nineteenth century. We can pick out the names of those who came from the United States or from the British Isles to settle down here between 1810 and 1850. Their cemeteries are often the family-type, found near the ancestral home. In the second half of the nineteenth century, it was the francophones who had cemeteries around the parish churches.

Here is the map of cemeteries: :

  1. Kingscroft
  2. Wyman
  3. Libbytown
  4. Gould
  5. Buckland
  6. Sheard  (private only)
  7. Way’s Mills
  8. Kilburn
  9. Burbank
  10. Blanchard
  11. Heathton
  12. New Boston
  13. Belknap
  14. Chamberlain


Barnston-Ouest cemeteries, a look at our past

Fourteen cemeteries line the roads of the Municipality of Barnston-Ouest where we can find part of our history preserved. Through your visits and readings, you will discover individuals and families who influenced our community and left their mark.

A local citizen is tracing their story.

Chronicle on cemeteries

Your are intersted in religious heritage !

We invite you to visit the Coaticook MRC website to view (French document) :

You will discover religious heritage that testifies to the presence of Protestants, Anglicans and Catholics in the Eastern Townships, a story thaht is rich in discovery !