Public Security

Municipal Civil Security Plan

This year, our municipality has established a Civil Security Plan. Our plan is the written result of an outline, which provides the means employed in the four procedures of civil protection, namely “prevention,” “preparedness,” “response” and “recovery” specifically, to preserve the life and health of people, to bring them relief, to salvage belongings or to mitigate the effects of major disasters. This plan was written based on the model proposed by the Ministry of Public Security responsible for the implementation of the Civil Protection Act.

In order to realize and implement this plan, the City Council appointed a Municipal Civil Security Committee.

The members are:

Mr. Johnny Piszar, Mayor; Mrs. Virginie Ashby, Municipal Counsellor; Mr. Normand Vigneau, Municipal Counsellor; Mrs. Sonia Tremblay, General Manager; Mr. Claude Lachapelle, Municipal Road Inspector and Mr. André Boisvert, Citizen.

The basic outline of our plan

Municipal Organization of Civil Security

The Municipal Organization of Civil Security (MOCS) is our response team in case of a major disaster. Members of the MOCS are municipal interveners, for the most part members of the municipal Council and city Staff, but also citizens of the municipality who volunteered to assist us in various “missions.” Each member of this team has responsibilities and a role to play in case of disaster. This team is organized as shown by the chart below.


Alert Measures

The Municipal Organization of Civil Security provides alert measures in the Civil Security Plan. In this context, various warning means are foreseen in order to contact our population or remain in contact before, during or after a major disaster. Other means can be used as well such as door-to-door by emergency services, dissemination of information through the media and of course our municipal website. A special Facebook page can be created if necessary.

Emergency Facilities

In order to respond appropriately, emergency facilities will be provided so that the main activities regarding the MOCS’ missions can take place, such as the municipal coordination of relief activities, services to affected people (registering evacuees, temporary accommodations, food), the communication services (Information on the population, public meetings and press room). In case of an emergency, the facilities will be clearly identified by large signs and the population will be informed of the destinations.
External facilities. The municipality has also anticipated the need for external facilities. In effect, mutual agreements for facilities on loan were signed with neighbouring municipalities.

Other Enhancement Measures

Other tools and means are part of our plan to improve our response capability. For example, the Program of Information and Public Awareness of the MOCS aims at improving public knowledge of civil security and prevention measures. Therefore, articles and information will be published on this page and in the Joyau. We also want to adopt «a civil security logo and slogan.» Visit this page again to see our choice of logo.

And you? What can you do in this context? Are you able to deal with an emergency? We invite you to consult different websites and information regarding prevention. We strongly encourage you to equip yourself with an emergency kit that will meet your needs during the initial 72 hours of an emergency.

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