Permits and Regulations

Building permit, renovation and other work

You plan to do work, renovate, build or even demolish your building!

Before you begin, check with the Municipal Building and Environmental Officer, because obtaining a permit is mandatory for all construction, renovation, septic installation and water abstraction work.


To consult the Municipal Planning by-laws, go to the Coaticook MRC Website.

Regulation – Town Planning (French document)

Hameau-de-Way’s Mills Heritage Site

The Municipality has adopted a by-law preserving the heritage character of the hamlet of Way’s Mills, by-law number 216 – By-law establishing the Hameau-de-Way’s Mills Heritage Site.

View Regulation View the map (French document)

A practical guide for the renovation of old residential buildings

Specialists prepared this guide designed to help you, especially if you want to work on an old residential building. The guide will help you identify the main elements of traditional architecture found in your building. You will also find advice on the techniques and practices that are desirable to respect during renovation, addition of decorative elements, or expansions. The guide is made up of 12 sheets that cover issues such as the choice of doors and windows, roofing work and enlargements. It will even suggest some colour choices.  

View the guide (French document)

Guide to good practice in agricultural heritage

This guide focuses exclusively on farm buildings, their shape, location and use. These are often examples that you will have recognized at random from your walks on our roads and paths. Once again, we invite you to consult the 12 advisory sheets which are full of advice on the choice of roofs, covering materials, renovation of campaniles or silos.

View the guide (French document)

Dog License

If you have one or more dogs, a license is mandatory and renewable annually. However,  BEWARE! It is the responsibility of every citizen to inform the Municipal office if you own a dog or dogs, and you must notify the Municipal office if there are any changes during the year.

A license for a dog costs $10. Once your dog is registered, the cost of the permit will appear on your Municipal tax bill annually.

By-law number 289-2020 concerning animals contains rules for dogs.

Regulation - animals (French document)

Open Fire

Throughout the Municipality, you must have a permit before lighting an open fire on your property. The Municipal Inspector issues a FREE license. The latter is in close contact with the Fire Department and is familiar with the guidelines of the Forest Fire Protection Society (SOPFEU).

Obtaining or not obtaining your open fire permit could have a significant impact on establishing your liability in the event of an uncontrolled fire.

Please contact the Municipal Inspector, Claude Lachapelle, to obtain the permit. You can reach the Municipal Inspector by contacting the office reception (819-838-4334) or directly at 819-578-6171.

Regulation of Nuisances

By-law number 288-2020 was adopted to ensure peace, order, general well-being and to improve the quality of life of the citizens of the Municipality of Barnston-Ouest.

Regulation - Nuisance (French document)

Fire Department Recommendations

Please note that you must always clear the entrance of your residence (permanent or summer) over width and height of 3.6 meters (12 feet) minimum, and this to meet the requirements of the fire department. Also, no barrier or fence should obstruct the passage in case firefighters must go to the scene.

911 (French document)

Trees Along Municipal Roads

Throughout the Municipality, you are responsible for checking the health of the trees on your property that border Municipal roads and for carrying out the necessary work. Besides, if you are an owner in the Hameau-de-Way’s Mills Heritage Site area and wish to cut a tree, you MUST inform the Municipal Building and Environmental Officer before doing the work.

Heritage Site area