The Municipality of Barnston-Ouest is located in the Coaticook MRC. The hamlets of Way’s Mills and Kingscroft make up the two village Cores. Pampered by a peaceful and pastoral environment, the Municipality is rich in culture, heritage and nature.


Christmas Market of Way's Mills

November 23-24, 2019 from 10 am to 4 pm


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Way's Mills Christmas Market

Join the Way's Mills Christmas Market as VOLUNTEERS or ARTISANS !

The event will take place in the hamlet of Way's Mills on November 23 and 24, 2019.


Enchanté Coaticook River Valley
MRC Coaticook

Barnston-Ouest is renowned...

For its thirteen bridges, three churches, fourteen cemeteries, a round barn and a heritage fire station. The Municipality also allows you to enjoy its outstanding natural beauty through its Forêt-témoin, Onès-Cloutier trail, and Michèle Dutrisac trail. Activities and entertainment include the famous Shazamfest Festival and the Rozynski Arts Centre. Moreover, sightseeing tours enable visitors to explore our Municipality and discover its splendours.

The municipal council and our citizens welcome you!